Paintball Field Prices

Public party Group rate  $38 per player (6 player minimum)

Includes: per person 



Compressed Air Tank

Free air fills

Pod Pack with two 150 round pods


500 Paint Balls

2 Hour Session

All Fields


Perfect for all party types Dance parties , batchelor parties, and church parties for ages 10 and up. You must add to cart at least 6 players. Click the book now button and select the day you wish all availabilities will be shown.  our calendar is real time 


Private Party  group Rates  (15 player minimum) $50 per person

Includes: per person



Compressed Air Tank

Free Air Fills all session

Pod Pack with two 150 round pods


500 Paintballs

2 Hour Completely Private Session

All Fields

This is the package to choose if you do not want any other players at your event. This item is completely private and no other players will be on our course.  Action Center paintball is all yours. There may be people in the safe area preparing for the next session or cleaning up from the previous session  


Rent the whole field $ 1710.00 

This is a private event unless you specify that you want walk ons players allowed.


this package give you all of our rentals (usually 45 sets)

unlimited walk on players (fully equipped players with their own gear)

5 hour session.

Compressed air fills

This package includes 500 paintballs per rental (22,500 paintballs total ) 

Choose this package if you want it all. This is the big one. This is the one to choose when you have more people than we have rentals so you can trade off and play everyone   


(this section is for those that that are fully equipped and wish to join a public  group)


$10.00 field fee - includes compressed air  3000 psi


Admission to any any public group for that day


walk on player that need rentals

$40.00 if you book your spot online 24 hours before the game

Look at  our calendar any booking that is open will allow walkon players


Walkon players the day of the game 

$50.00 complete package with field fee – gun, tank, hopper, mask and pod pack and a bag of 500 paintballs included


Walk on players with thier own equipment please read this


Action Center is open to the public only if there is a scheduled open game , players can ‘walk on any public games. Please see our real time calendar. You must arrive 15 minutes before start time to receive rentals.



1 pod (about 150 paintballs) $15.00


500 Paintballs $30.00


2000 Paintballs $75.00

grenades $15.00

one use camo coveralls $15.00

half finger paintball gloves $15.00



­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Prices are subject to change without notice