Frequently asked Questions & maps

Action center paintball and its staff are here to put smiles on your faces, to give you the best paintball experience

Where are you located ?
The paintball field does not have a physical address Action center is located right behind the morgan county airport in mt green. We do not have a walk in store for browsing new equipment. we have a warehouse. you can buy local yes by appointment. remember always look at the map, the field is behind a locked red gate. the code is on the calendar. your gps will get you lost !

Can we use our own equipment? yes and we encourage it !
Using your own equipment will increase your fun because you will get used to the way is shoots and operates, and will increase your fun on our field. we sell most paintball guns and gear and we have them in stock at our office. please browse our website. we have many customers that will bring a gun without any hopper, elbow, mask ,or pod pack. you must come with all your equipment we do not rent pieces of equipment we do not break up our rental gear We do not like to see you disappointed. We sell equipment if you need a piece make sure you let us know and we can have it there for you to buy . your own tank must be in hydro

Can we use our own paint ? No ! there is no circumstance where we allow outside paintballs on our field. if you are caught with it you will be asked to dump it on the ground or leave, this is how we stay in business for almost 30 years now.. thank you for understanding

How many paint balls will we go through ? you can figure one one case 500 to 1000 paintballslper person. this sport is not hunting ! you have to go through many paintballs. it is your discretion what you buy. the best discount we offer is online when you sign up, if you want to wait and see. Cash at the field is within pennies of our best discount

What age can play? 10 year olds and up

Does it hurt ?
yes ! its kind of the whole purpose, if it did not hurt it would be laser-tag

Can we book a game and pay up there ? no!
our group rates are prepaid only. on or web site and must be paid in advance. If you pay at the field you are a walk on player. anyone can walk on our field. it is first come first served. Private games cannot have walk on players

What does it cost?
please see our field prices page

Do you fill co2 ? yes we do! when we are available please call :
most fills are $10.00 per tank. The tank must be in hydro

what is your cancellation policy ?
All game requests are non refundable. you may reschedule a game with 48 hours notice by phone however you may be asked to send us an email for written confirmation

how do i set up a party? please select book now button and select the package you wish this should walk you through the processes 

how do you separate the teams? when we hand out the equipment you group will be split in half along with other groups in our public games  we generally  do not allow one group against another if this policy gives you heartburn. please sign up for a private game

Please note There is no physical address to the paintball field. please watch for signs when you get past the airport runway

Action Center paintball Field is located in Mt Green (Morgan co. UT) Google: action center paintball and look in Google local or Google maps for great directions.

the GPS location is ( Copy and past this into google ->( +41° 9' 42.20", -111° 44' 41.60 )


remember we are right behind the Morgan count Airport


Salt Lake City


Get on I-15 N

3 min (1.4 mi)


Continue to Farmington. Take exit 324 from I-15 N


Get on I-84 E in Weber County


Follow I-84 E to Morgan County. Take exit 92 from I-84 E


Continue on UT-167 N. Drive to Cottonwood Canyon Rd